Philadelphia Dawrah 2008 – At-Tahawiyyah Class 19 [Audio]

As taught by Sheikh Samir Al-Qadi

The great scholar, Hujjat-ul-lslam, Abu Ja^far al-Warraq at-Tahawi (239-321AH) [1], may Allah have mercy on him, while he was in Egypt said:

This is an elucidation of the beliefs of ahl-as-Sunnah wa al-Jama^ah, according to the school of the jurists of this religion, Abu Hanifah an-Nu^man ibn Thabit al-Kufi, Abu Yusuf Ya^qub ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari and Abu ^Abdillah Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ash-Shaybani, may Allah accept the deeds of all of them, and what they believe regarding the fundamentals of the religion and their faith in the Lord of all the Worlds.

This download contains 1 audio file of Class 19 of the Dawrah 2008 session.